Dipl. -Ing. Willy Makend

Systems architect and Software Engineer in web development

Short Biography

Dipl. -Ing. Willy Makend working as Software Engineer(Conception and Software Development in Automotive Industry, Telekommunikation, Banking sector, E-Commerce). Makend Willy obtained after his graduation a Diplom of Engineer.

After first experiment professional which confronted it more closely data processing and Programming, he worked(06.2002-08.2006) for the Compagny Robert Bosch GmbH for 2 Departement. By the first Departement(Assembly plant and special Machine) he was responsible of Production and maintenance of the department Intranet Website, Far project engineering, advancement, and Treatment of pictures. By the second(Project Processes) he was responsible for Software Applications (Reporting Tools for process improvement) inclusive tuning of the requirements, Design, Test and Documentation.

He worked also for a major automotive companies, incubators and start-up accelerators in Germany and France.

He speaks fluent English, Germany and French. Willy Makend currently lives in Munich(Germany).

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Contact Info

Email: willy.makend@makend-itc.com

General Interests
- Web development
- RESTful web services
- Efficients web search particulary index design, compression, web caching and web databases; Data structures and algorithmus

Books to be recommend

Introduction to Management Science: Bernard W. Taylor III
Supply Chain Management: Sunil Chopra
Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures - Douglas K. Barry


Amnesty International


The New York Times


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